Making the Log Cabin - Day 5

Bit of a drizzly dank day today but on the plus side Freda has come to help us today.

Here I am fixing on the roof insulation panels.

Where does this part go?

Freda noticed that the electrician had wired up the small cabin with lights and power and I've not shown that before.

While the roof insulation was being completed others made a start on the side store for garden tools.

Nearly finished the roof insulation.

The black plastic has been tacked over the completed insulation and will act as a waterproof membrane under the felt.

One of the doors is on!

But the side store is going slow. Major modifications to the design had to be made because of where we placed the concrete base. Oh well - not everything goes right.
The other door is on.
And now the bolts, locks and handles. Shame there's still no glass!

Things have picked up with the side store now the modifications are complete.

So we still have the felt to put on, the glazing to do and the side store to finish and then the electricians can finish the internal fittings and connect us up.