Making the Log Cabin - Day 4

OK here we go again. No rain so everything is much drier. Looks set to be a nice day.

So first of all we set to on finishing the wall insulation and the inner walls.

The apex pieces of the inner wall gave us a bit of trouble! The instructions said to cut slots for the large crossing timbers (purlins) but that meant the apex was rendered into several pieces! I am afraid we had to resort to glue to keep it all together. Not many photos from this bit as we didn't really know what we were doing. Finally got it resolved and started laying roofing boards. Yeah!

It all went really quickly then:

A couple of views from inside:

'The Three Amigos'

And some views of the garden from the roof.

And here we are sheeting up for the night. We will use that big lump of plastic as a membrane between the insulation and the felt which we will add tomorrow. Maybe we can get the doors on and the glass in - that would be good.

All those pile of wood are gone!