Making the Log Cabin - Day 3

Everything was very wet and muddy after the overnight rain but it got nicer and nicer as the day went on.

Our electricians were there nice and early so we built up the walls a bit so they could lay wires for us.

Lets get the modified window frames in.

It's all a bit wobbly at this stage as there is not enough made to stiffen it up yet.

The isulation helps to make it a bit more rigid.

Getting the apex piece on starts to give the look of a real building.

The long windows open outwards from the base by the way.

Rev. Andy popped by to give us encouragement. See we have the purlins on here.

It's also encouraging to see how much the piles of wood have gone down.

Sheeting down for the night. Tomorrow we want to finish the inside walls and insulation and get the roofing boards on.