Making the Log Cabin - Day 2

A beautiful sunny morning so we can start making things!
Laying out the base and getting everything square.

Cutting the insulation for the floor - this is going to be a cosy cabin with three electric heaters and insulated everywhere. Kevin with Shaun the electrician stopped by to give us advice about routing the big incoming cable so that Shaun can install the consumer unit for us and run cable to where it is needed tomorrow:

Laying the insulation

Starting to put the floor boards in. While the guys were doing this I was modifying the door and window frames to make them deep enough for our double walled cabin:

and just about finished. Jo, Gillian, Janette and Jean visted us during the day. It's always nice to have visitors so if you want to see how we are doing just drop by. Oh and thanks for the cups of tea Jean and Janette!

External walls going up!

Done for the day. Everything sheeted down in case of rain. Tomorrow is a big day. Inner wall to install, cabling, windows and door frames. Let's see how far we get.