Making the Log Cabin - Day 1

The task for today is to unpack this:
and hand carry all the parts down the step to the bottom of the garden to here:

We made a start and moved all the side store parts:

The insulation piled up on the left found a new temporary home perched on the compost bins (sorry Kath it should be gone by Friday).
Rain!!! We stopped for lunch.

Sun!! Back to work.

The bigest effort was moving the inner and outer cabin components but we had a surprise bonus. Rev. Andy came to give a hand on his day off. Thanks Andy.

Here is all the stuff piled up ready to be assembled. That's enough for today. Let's see how we do tomorrow.

PS. Just checked on my phone and I made 10,000 steps and walked 5 miles, obviously about half carrying heavy weights. Many, many pieces of wood!