Garden special - making a willow tunnel

It's 9.30 on Saturday morning and the sun is shining! Kath and Phil the weaver and team are already at the garden setting out the structure for us.

People are starting to arrive and Phil is training them up in the necessary skills as they arrive.

Getting quite busy now and everyone is having a great time - it turns out to be a really satisfying craft to do.

Of course the garden business goes on as well and several volunteers are busy weeding and planting while the willow fun carries on.

Lots of flowers, several strawberry plants, many brassica in their raised bed and much else. One amazing thing - Kath had sown a plot with annuals previously and with the sun in the morning and showers later they all started popping up in the afternoon. Nothing in the morning and seedlings all over in the afternoon. God is good!

Here are our friends from 'Greenshoots' enjoying a cup of tea with us round one of their raised beds.

Lunchtime and real progress has been made. It is starting to look like a tunnel now.

Back from lunch and you can see from the rainware that we had some showers. Maybe we spent a bit long over lunch but we were having a good time sharing good conversation and enjoying company.

The tunnel getting it's first trial run!

Ahoy there!
Showing off one of the portholes we wove into the structure.

The view down the tunnel. Intriguing isn't it.
Finishing touches.

The finished item. Well not really because we need the willow to start growing and cover the structure with leaves but we can imagine that until I can post some more pictures in a few months time.

Team photo! Several had left of course. It's quite a long day from 10.00 until 3.30 and not everyone could stay the whole time.
Time to go home for the rest of us.
A fun days work. Thanks Phil and team!