Garden news from Kath

In her latest circular Kath said this:

"Spurred on by the forthcoming rain this week, I scurried down to our garden yesterday evening and weeded raked and trod the area ready for sowing as time is of the essence with regard to germination and growing and we can't afford to miss this lovely wet weather - perfect for germination. Tonight, in a small gap in the rain I have sown the mixture so that bit is done."

So here's the bit she was talking about sown with the annuals.

We have another garden morning coming up this Saturday (20th May) and it's an exciting one as we are making our willow tunnel. It looks like Kath has been marking it out in preparation and it looks good. Come along and get involved! There are plenty of other garden things to do as well. Kath says:

"For those of you who are able to come on Saturday, there is plenty of jobs if willow isn't tickling your fancy: Carrots and radishes to sow
The Brownies path to weed either side of their bed
Plants to plant from Maladisto sale
Weeding round the second raised bed"

Here are a few more pictures of what is happening in the garden today:

As you can see the security fence is in and work is starting on the ramp into the garden and the new toilet to serve the garden area. Exciting eh?