Constructing the Ramp

The ramp and toilet block is finally underway so I will keep a pictorial record in this blog entry as work progresses. So keep watching.


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16th May
Back to the ramp. The first sign of activity was the arrival of the security fences. It was a bit of a surprise that they came so far down the drive beside the hall but sensible to keep the machinery well away from people.

And from the garden side.

18th May
The work starts. The precarious steps and wobbly hand rail - gone!. Mark that man hole cover because I'm guessing that's where the sewer line will be picked up for the toilet.

19th May
Another day and quite a bit more excavation has been done. You can see where the guys are trenching down to connect in for the toilet. A lot of stuff into the skip today.

Work going on to divert the sewer line and put in a new manhole away from the ramp line.

Looks like the foundation work is there for the first brick work.

As an aside Ian has been busy with the paint brush on the cabin. Preservative applied and colour coat started.

I have been away for a few days and while I was gone some progress has been made. Photo thanks to Tim who took this while I was away.
Starting the groundwork for the ramp walls.

Nearly there.
Ready for the bricklayers

And here is the first days work from the bricklayers

Persistent rain held things up a bit but some progress was eventually made. It's possibel to visualise the ramp better now. You can't see it from this view but the surrounds for the ramp from the hall fire exit is starting to take shape too. That smaller ramp grades the other way to meet the main ramp.

Lots of progress today.

James has been in to extend the paths to the cabins. Here are some pictures:

. Latest work done on the pedestrian ramp and toilet

Okay - it's been a few days and the cement is down and the roof on the toilet is being built.

Here's the view from the top looking at the ramp from the exit from the hall.

And just for a bonus here's a picture of the annuals bed looking gorgeous.