A morning in the garden

So about 10 of us came along to the garden this morning to do some jobs at the behest of lovely Kath. What did we do?

Well there was a delivery of compost and manure to move down the garden!

We stacked up by the compost bins - naturally. Here's the start of the stack.

Sorry about the weird atmospheric affect on some of the photos - I managed to scratch the lens of my phone camera.

The willows got pollarded - it seems extreme but Kath says it's all good. The bonus is you can stick any of the twigs in the ground and they will grow. So some of us did just that down the very bottom to grow up as some extra screening.

Some asparagus was planted in a new bed dug last time. These plants need 10 inch (25cm) trenches apparently.

Plenty of weeding to do (always!)

New beds to dig and some plants to put in.

And a lot of brocolli to harvest.

Log Cabin Update

Mike fitted tthe tool store door while the gardening was going on.

and here are some views inside of the heaters and light fittings that have been added during the week. The big blue pipe is for the water supply to the small sink unit which we have yet to buy.