A bit more cabin

I have not been able to do much in the Community Garden in the last couple of weeks so I thought I would help Tim assemble the veranda for the large log cabin.

This is how it is illustrated in the installation manual:

But how will it look after we have made it?

Here is where it goes. We have laid out the base timbers
and some other bits and pieces.

You can't see it in this picture but Mike has been busy at the cabin as well. There is guttering now he has added all the little bits of trim inside to clean up the appearance. Little by little!

The veranda is no more than a side show after the major spasm getting the building made so things happen quite quickly.

In between making stuff I thought I would take a picture of the bench as it was looking particularly showy today.

We were making progress - here we are laying out floorboards to get them even. A bit of work to do on that yet!

Some views of the finished item:

In case you were wondering the pegs mark where the hard path will go to the cabin - I guess we will look to grade it to the level of the decking. Watch this space.

Our next garden morning

is on 22nd April from about 9:30 to lunch time. It should be a big planting day beacause I know Kath is looking to get hold of

Stipa gigantea, Salvia caradonna,
Dicentra luxurient,
Astrantia major,
Helenium moorheim beauty,
Crocosmia lucifer,
Seslaria autumnalis,

We are aiming fo nearly 90 plants. Should be good.